Materials Performance and Welding Technology 2017” Conference & Exhibition

ITQAN Team along with 10 trainees from the institute participated in the “Materials performance and welding technology 2017” conference & exhibition that was held in Sheraton Dammam Hotel & convention Centre during the period of 11-14, September, 2017 under the sponsorship of a number of organizations including ITQAN. Proceeding of the vent comprised of presentations by key note speakers from the field and technical papers presented by SMEs as well as an exhibition. ITQAN contribution to the success of the event was evident through the existence of trainees who manned the booth and helped organize the event. ITQAN was recognized along with other sponsors.The vent provided a golden opportunity to trainees to have glimpse of their future jobs. Approximately 120 trainees accompanied by a number of trainers visited the confreres on Wednesday, September 14,207. 

Monday the 12th The workshops started, and our trainees helped in organization.  

ITQAN Booth had many visitors who included potential sponsors, inquiring about the institute ,its programs and training process.  

Wednesday, an approximate 120 trainees accompanied by a number of trainers visited the confreres.  

During the visit, one of our trainees (Hamed Al Abbas) scored 89 in ‘Vrtex 360’ Welding simulation as the second highest score of the day, outperforming many experienced welders.

At the end of the visit, the conference officials Dr. Tariq al Ghamdi and Eng. Mohammed Al Subaie invited ITQAN group to a special lunch.