PET Exam

Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET):

This test is designed for those who have an intermediate level of English.

The PET is available as a paper-based test or as a computer-based test. The computer-based test is available once per month, and the paper-based test is offered six times per year.

Passing this test shows that you can:

  1. Read simple textbook and articles in English

  2. Write letter and emails on everyday subjects

  3. Take meeting notes

  4. Show awareness of opinions of awareness and mood in spoken and written English

There are three main sections for the PET:

  1. Reading / Writing - 90 minutes

  2. Listening - 30 minutes

  3. Speaking - 10 minutes

There are four scores that test takers can earn:

  1. Pass

  2. Pass with Merit

  3. Narrow fail

  4. Fail

PET Resources:

  1. FAQs

  2. Grading Scale

  3. Exam Day Tips

  4. Standard Wordlist for Normal Test Preparation

  5. Comprehensive Wordlist for High Achievement Test Preparation

  6. Saudi British Centre

Sample Online Tests:

  1. General EnglishTest

  2. For Schools English Test

PET Preparation Videos:

How to Take Part 1 of the PET Exam
How to Take Part 2 of the PET Exam
How to Take Part 3 of the PET Exam
How to Take Part 4 of the PET Exam
Sample Speaking Test Video 1
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