Dipolma Program Registration

ITQAN’s Admission Requirments:

  • You must be a Saudi National or from a Saudi mother.
  • You must have a minimum high school score of 70% (Science /Industrial section in one of the specialites provided by the institute).
  • You must have a minimum Qiyas score of 65%.
  • You must be under 23 years of age.
  • You must not have been supported before by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) or by Localization Growth Support Program (TAWTEEN).
  • You should be physically fit.
  • You must pass ITQAN’s English test and the prioritization.

Training Benefits:

  • A signed contract with one of the sponsoring companies.
  • Competitive monthly allowance durning the training program.
  • Competitive salary after graduation.
  • Registration into GOSI from day one at ITQAN.
  • Diploma Certificate after completion the course.
  • Medical Insurance by the sponsoring companies..


The admission portal is OPEN.

Click Here

* In case of any difficulty in registration via the website, for assistance please contact (0135107670, Extension: 1021/1027/1083), sned your inquire to: admission@itqaninstitute.edu.sa, or come in person to the Institute.

Brief Information about training at ITQAN

  • The training program will be run for two years with two semesters in each year.
  • The first year is for enhancing the knowledge of the trainees in English language, Math, and Science.
  • The second year is for specialized inspection training.
  • Each trimester will consist of 22 weeks with 35 training hours a week.
  • Classes run from Sunday to Thursday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. with a breakfast, lunch, and prayer break.